Christopher Brown
Chris has developed a unique method of stacking reclaimed materials from the granite countertop industry into a wide variety of large sculptures. Shape, thickness and size of the individual pieces as well as physics and mathematics are taken into consideration as each work is completed.  Whether touring the collection for a unique experience or selecting a lifetime purchase, Chris's Granite Paradise is  definitely the right place!
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Visit us online or in person for a unique and constantly evolving sculpture garden experience.  Admission is free, though donations are gladly accepted
     The gallery will be updated as things change in the garden. As time allows, we will be adding detailed information about each sculpture, such as weight, number of pieces involved, height, etc. Also featured are  numerous varieties of rocks and minerals displayed on and around the sculptures. This is truely a rock garden gone wild! We hope that you will check back frequently, and your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Reclaimed Stone
Reclaimed stone remnants from the granite counter top industry
Chris's primary occupation has been the cutting of sinks and other opennings. Though he has been employed in the field since 1995, he didn't begin collecting his cutouts until 2008 with the purchase of the family's current residence. Since then, Chris and his family have been gradually building what we see today. Although his employer is becoming increasingly automated, as of March, 2016, Chris has used only hand-cut materials in his work, and the vast majority have been cut by him personally. As of the same date, the garden represents well over a year of nonstop, uninterrupted cutting, and approximately $30,000 just in spent diamond blades and drill bits!

Stones from around the world!
The counter top industry utilizes natural stones from tens of thousands of quarries in literally every country of the world. Through the long process from the quarry to the home kitchen, many exact localities become lost in the paperwork and we can only guess as to where such an amazing variety comes from. However, the top producers by far are India and Brazil. Here in the Garden, we have varieties also from Finland, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Mexico, China, Russia, and even one or two from the United States! 
    Besides the sculptures themselves, the gravels and decorative rock displays include an ever growing array of "eye candy"... rocks collected from far and wide for the mere pleasure of savoring them with our eyes! Current localities represented include Calfornia, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Mexico.

River Bordeux, Brazil

Red Dragon, China

Seasonal Flare

     From brightly colored stones highlighted by a spring rain to the array of patterns created by each snowfall,Chris's Granite Paradise is a distinct experience  from one day to the next! The strong contrast of light and shadow in the summer sun fades to the softer hues of an autumn afternoon. A true photographer's delight!

2017 Photo Update

Adding Natural Stone  Displays    

    ​Probably the biggest emphasis of the latter part of 2016 to present has been to incorporate all of our natural rocks which had been previously placed on the ground into the sculptures. This accomplshes two things. First, it gets the rocks off the ground, where they tend to get burried in leaves or grown over by vegetation,, and secondly, the rocks become much more visible and therefore enjoyed by the viewer.

Panorama of "Phase 1" July 2015

     Phase 1 is the first and oldest section of the garden, which really didn't materialize beyond one or two sculptures until after 2010. Gradually, smaller sculptures were canibalized into larger ones, as our materials come only a few pieces at a time as Chris cuts them at wprl amd fomds a wau tp get them home. None of the original sculptures survive, and the tendency has been toward more and more complex designs as the supply of stone has increased.

Panorama of Phases 1 and 2, February 2016

    This view shows the entire sculpture collection. Phases 1 and 2 are simply defined by the position of the shed. Phase 1 is to the left, and Phase 2 to the right.  In the foreground a portion of the orignal rock garden and its retaining wall can be seen.
So Much Work!
Some of the hardest work is preparing the ground and laying the foundations for the sculptures
   This timelapse shows Chris beginning to prepare the site for Phase 2 in August, 2012. After clearing, the ground must be firmly leveled and compacted, and then large "snowshoe" structures placed in the hopes that the future sculptures won't sink due to their massive weight (as much as 12,000 lbs) At the very end we see that Phase 1 really wasn't  much yet either!